My Desktop

My Desktop provides users with access to the following Team functions:

  • ToDo's – Functionality for creating, reviewing, updating and/or deleting independent or project related ToDo's
  • Calendar – Functionality for creating, reviewing, updating and/or deleting meetings
  • Notifications – Functionality for creating, reviewing, responding to and/or deleting messages from the system, or from other team members
  • Meeting Notes – Functionality for creating, reviewing, updating or deleting meeting notes
  • Gems – Functionality that is key to harvesting the value out of meetings and other forms of collaboration (chats, audio and video conferences), by supporting the rapid transformation of the gem into required actions (follow-up meetings or tasks) or transformation into business, functional or technical requirements; leads, opportunities or customer care records; or simply linkages between these items (e.g., opportunities to required functions or features)
  • Documents – A repository where relevant documents, files and images are uploaded, stored and shared among various users of the system and may be accessed/used by various Clear Gem applications.
  • Storage - 20 gigabytes of storage come with your business account. $2/mo charge is added for each additional gigabyte over 20 gigabytes. Charges start at the first 1 byte over the first 20 gigabytes included. For example: 1 gigabyte = 1,073,741,824. 1,073,741,824 bytes * 20 = 21,474,836,480 bytes (20 gigabytes). At 21,474,836,481 bytes, the first $2/mo charge begins.