Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
Sales, Marketing, Contracts, Records, Inventory, Customer Support, Asset Management and more…


CRM Benefits

Faster Sales Enablement

  • Prioritize to increase sales
  • Track customer interactions
  • Automate repeatable tasks

Connect your commerce channels

  • Capture social media leads with Forms App
  • Capture website leads with Website App
  • Get external leads integrating with Phlex
Create custom Apps for entire business

  • Customize the UI, Workflow & Access
  • Visually create your own Pages, Panels & Fields
  • Integrate data from available digital sources

Support existing customers & vendors

  • Dashboard views of all activity
  • Prioritize, assign & respond faster
  • Convert complex requests into projects

Using the Clear Gem CRM App

Start Here

Capture and track all your sales leads, contacts, accounts, marketing activities, documents and more. View your records as a searchable list, most recently used and as an interactive board view for you and your team to collaborate. Track your forecasted sales revenue by stage to make sure you’re meeting your business revenue goals.

Board View

Create different workflow for each of your teams and turn into interactive Board Views. Click to customize different calculations to show in each stage column. Create summary calculations across all your stages to get a total view of your pipeline. Create as many workflow boards as needed for each of your departments like Marketing, Sales, Contracting, Service Delivery, Manufacturing, Logistics, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Legal and more. Have an executive view of every aspect of your business all in one solution. Give different members of your team customized permissions to read, create, update and remove records from the system. Drag & drop items from one stage/column to the other. Stay efficient by updating the status or an item right here on the Board view without having to hop back & forth between different pages or tabs.

Detailed Record

See your full record on one page, for example your Sales Lead record. Track information like the source, status, your products &/or services that may be of fit, the scope of the opportunity, standard & custom action items to be completed for this Sales Lead, all your meeting notes, documentation (wiki pages, files, research, competitors, etc…), other contacts working on it, past activities, related projects, associated accounts & related contracts. Need to track something more? That too can be added right onto the record. Set custom permissions on who can view, update, create, and remove records and who can access specific records. Link Sales Leads to Contacts and Account and any other record types you need in your business.

Custom Design

Create custom Tabs, custom fields, custom page layouts, and custom user permissions on all of it. Create custom field calculations to see results that quickly meet your mathematics & financial needs. Create and drag panels and custom fields onto your page to create exactly what you need for your business. Or, use our predesigned records to be up & running in a click. Let us know if you would like services help in customizing your solution to meet your specific business needs. We’re experts at it and can quickly help navigate the many business options to choose from to make your team efficient using your solution.

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