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The Desktop App is the baseline App that comes with all Clear Gem accounts. It includes a collection of smaller Apps including: Home Dashboard, Meeting Notes, Calendar, ToDo’s, Internal Team Email, Track Business Gems, & Documents. This baseline App ties everything together and also includes the Actions App.The Desktop App is the baseline App that comes with all Clear Gem accounts. Each user in your account will have their own Desktop App.

The Desktop App includes:

  • Home – A summary of recent activities by each ClearGem App available to that User.
  • ToDo’s – Create and manage independent ToDo items assigned to 1 or more people.  Assign a single task to everyone to complete and track the status.
  • Calendar – Create and manage calendar events, meetings, holidays, travel & more.
  • Notifications – Create, manage and respond to internal team messages within ClearGem or from the system itself.
  • Meeting Notes – Create and manage your meeting notes.  Keep for future reference, share with others, turn items within your meeting notes into project tasks, todo items, chat messages and more.
  • Gems – This tracks and reports on the information you and others share within ClearGem.  Use this as a quick reference for previous shared value.  Gems harvesting the value out of meeting notes, chat, project tasks, and more by supporting the rapid transformation of the Gem into required actions, new requirements, sales leads, customer care records and more.
  • Documents – This is a file repository that spans across all the ClearGem App to show files you have uploaded or have access to use.
  • Storage – 20 gigabytes of storage come with your business account. $2/mo charge is added for each additional gigabyte over 20 gigabytes. Charges start at the first 1 byte over the first 20 gigabytes included. For example: 1 gigabyte = 1,073,741,824. 1,073,741,824 bytes * 20 = 21,474,836,480 bytes (20 gigabytes). At 21,474,836,481 bytes, the first $2/mo charge begins.
  • With your environment you also get access to the Actions App. This App allows you to automate several repeatable activities, automatically move data between Apps and send automated outbound Emails.

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