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Create, review & update team project documentation, standards, training material, and incidents all in one place. Full control of access security settings.

What is a Wiki ?

Think of it was replacing your “word” documents with a sharable word document that you allow others to read and edit also, if you like.

What can you put in a Wiki ?

You and your team can capture & format all kinds of information, tables, and insert files & images wherever you like. Create a structure like your computer’s folders & files to help your team organize and create new wiki pages.

What areas of your business can use a Wiki ?

You can use Wiki pages to capture information about anything including about your business such as; your market, competitors, school information, family information and more. Use existing Clear Gem templates to help structure standard pages for topics such as;

  • marketing plans
  • product requirements
  • test cases
  • business strategy
  • hr documentation
  • incident reports
  • customer details
  • job descriptions
  • recruiting feedback
  • project requirements
  • technical designs
  • training standards
  • business requirements
  • manufacturing standards
  • corporate policies
  • employee handbook
  • contact information
  • and more…
What else does the Wiki do ?

Use one of the many export features to scrape structured content across many pages to generate reports for your team and others. The change history feature lets your compare past changes, who made them and revert back to over versions if needed. Use the existing pre-defined wiki page templates or create, share & reuse your own wiki page templates.

Who has access to my Wiki information ?

The Wiki App is only available to Clear Gem users. You can choose to give or withhold access to the entire Wiki App to specific users. If you give access to the Wiki App to a user, you can also give or withhold access to each specific Wiki Area (a primary collection of Wiki pages). If you give access to a Wiki Area, you can specific the type of access that Users, Groups or Roles receives such as the ability to Read pages, Create pages, Edit pages and/or Delete pages.

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