Clear Gem Projects provides functionality supporting the creation of the following:

  • A Simple Project from scratch - just name your project and start creating tasks
  • A more involved Business Project, leveraging one of Clear Gem’s extensible templates
  • A Roadmap of Projects that provides users the functionality to initially layer projects with block level resourcing across a timeline, and to add successive layers of detail, including detailed resourcing by skill type so that a true picture of resources required and how resources are deployed over time can be seen and managed to.
  • Clear Gem Projects recognizes the importance of being able to create multiple versions of plans and the importance of being able to keep straight the differences in project definitions across these versions, as well as the need for the ability to revert to prior versions and the ability to ultimately select the version that will become “The Plan.”  Prefer planning in Grid View, no problem.  Kanban or Scrum your thing, go for it!  Clear Gem understands the value of different methodologies & views and allows you to toggle to whatever view best supports your way of getting things planned and done.