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Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, Marketing, Contracts, Records, Inventory, Customer Support, Asset Management and more...

Clear Gem Forms App



Grow data collection into an engaging experience with unlimited forms, surveys, sales forms, customer support tickets, vendor responses, employee updates & more.

Desktop Home

My Desktop


The Desktop App is the baseline App that comes with all Clear Gem accounts. It includes a collection of smaller Apps including: Home Dashboard, Meeting Notes, Calendar, ToDo's, Internal Team Email, Track Business Gems, & Documents. This baseline App ties everything together and also includes the Actions App.The Desktop App is the baseline App that comes with all Clear Gem accounts. Each user in your account will have their own Desktop App.



Start and manage predefined & custom projects across any business department. Plan your roadmap of projects. Use our library of project templates to get started immediately.

Clear Gem Chat App

Team Chat


Integrated team text, voice, video & screen-share collaboration. Record calls for later reference. Share files & create custom chat rooms for departments, clients & vendors.

Team Wiki


Create, review & update team project documentation, standards, training material, and incidents all in one place. Full control of access security settings.

Clear Gem Website App


We create and host custom websites for our clients.  Contact us in the form below to get your exciting business online today.

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