Team Chat

The Chat application provides the ability for the team to collaborate via chat, screen-share, audio and/or video conferencing (Note:  Chat pricing provides for small team collaboration – 1 to 4 parties; expanding beyond this size will incur additional fees associated with Large Team Collaboration, as outlined in the fee schedule).  

Users can:

  • Add/remove contacts, selecting from a list of available system users
  • Create public and/or private rooms and invite team members to join
  • Mark a room as a Favorite, and see it included in a filtered list of Favorite Rooms in the left navigation bar
  • Filter Chats by Date

Rather than forcing users to scroll back or search in order to find a shared link or file, Clear Gem’s Chat tool makes them accessible from lists in the right navigation bar, speeding recall and access.

Clear Gem Chat also allows for the recording of presentations delivered via screen-share, audio and video conferences, and provides for leveraged use of those recordings in other applications.

Via Gems, a user may convert a chat entry into an assignable Task, Scheduled Meeting, entry on a Wiki page (e.g., a business or functional requirement) or simply post it in a related Chat Room.