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The Challenge

Getting things done in today’s world can be … well … exhausting.  While there are cloud solutions in the marketplace addressing specific points of pain related to creating plans, defining projects, capturing the requirements for the projects, tracking resources and progress, and ultimately capturing leads and opportunities and their progression through the sales funnel; they seem to miss the importance of simplicity and the value of greater collaboration & integration across the business; completely ignoring the first, and treating the latter as an afterthought, if at all, with bolt on products that fall short of the functional mark.  This has even given birth to a new genre of collaboration products that wrap around the problem without really addressing it.  While these products may improve communication; they also fall short in terms of helping to organize and action information, allowing “business gems” to languish,  buried in chat threads, meeting notes and emails; to say nothing of the fact that plans are disconnected from projects, and projects are not tied to pipeline opportunities, etc.  The end result is isolated teams, tools and data; lost opportunities; and ultimately lost revenue and increased cost (the sum of the parts is definitely costly both in dollar terms as well as in ineffectiveness).


Our Products

Clear Gem’s Business Operations suite was purposefully built around facilitating collaboration and integration within and across teams via the capture and reuse of content (business gems) in a manner that:

  • Is intuitive, and efficient;
  • Creates insightful linkages (Opportunities get linked to Projects and associated requirements for Functions & Features, aiding in prioritization; Marketing Plans are Linked to Sales Plans, and so on);
  • Ensures critical items, such as business leads, questions, and tasks are captured, assigned and followed-up on vs. remaining lost within a notepad (Notes become Meeting Invites and/or Assigned Tasks; Leads, Opportunities and/or Support Requests are transferred into records in the appropriate Records application so they can be tracked and followed-up on)
  • Facilitates capture of business requirements and transfer of the requirements from Notes and/or content blocks in a Chat thread onto the appropriate page in the appropriate Requirements Wiki;
  • Supports the capture of collaborations in all forms of communication.  From meeting notes, to chat threads, to voice and video conferences and/or wiki entries; our apps capture your business gems and allow you to harvest them and apply them in a way that creates value.

We didn’t just seek to consolidate the functionality of multiple cloud and “productivity” products (8+) into one, just because it could save our customers a lot of money on licensing (which we do); we did it to get rid of the productivity tax those not using our products are paying each and every day (estimated to be up to 40% of their time at work). This is time spent copying and pasting from one tool into another – time spent searching in chat threads, emails and notes for meaningful information (“business gems”) or trying to ascertain whether they found or are using the right version of a document, then copying, opening up other tools, finding the right place, and finally pasting the information into its destination. 

We are confident if you give Clear Gem a try, you will see that this is how work should be performed, how teams should collaborate – and you will turn business gems into business value! 

Let us know your thoughts by contacting us at Contact Us, we value your input!

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